Mar 17

What to Wear: Summer in LA

Unlike any other big cities in the US, summer in LA is really warm especially the month of August. With its clear blue skies and a little chance of rain, it is definitely the warmest summer month in LA. One important question to ask, particularly if you’re a woman, is what to wear in LA during summer.

If you are a tourist, you’d probably want to fit in and dress like the locals. The good thing about LA is you can actually wear whatever you want as long as you are comfortable with your clothes because the dress code in LA is as diverse as the people living in the city. However, if you are the type who worries about this stuff then do continue reading and I will give you the BASICS on what to wear in the City of Angels during summer.


If you want to dress casually, you can wear tank tops, crop tops or lightweight fitted shirts or loose shirts. Wearing sundresses and even maxi dresses are also very typical in LA. These outfits are very common in LA because it is relatively hot compared to other US cities. For your bottom, you could wear shorts, jeans, leggings—whatever you are most comfortable. Leggings are especially good when it comes to layering your clothes when the temperature drops a little. You can pair it (all of the above) with flat shoes, sandals or flip-flops. Yes, flip-flops are common in LA! Bringing these kinds of foot apparel will make your stroll comfortable—much easier on your feet. If your itinerary includes heavy walking like exploring Griffith Park, you can also wear lightweight hiking boots or tennis shoes. You know what? Any sturdy shoes will do.

Formal and Clubbing

It is common to hear that LA value personal style, I even said it myself but when you go clubbing or formal or semi-formal events, you can’t just go wearing your ripped shorts and shirts just because it’s your style. In fact, there are clubs in LA, mostly high-end nightclubs, that don’t allow people from entering their premises if the clothes you’re wearing do not meet with their standards. It’s not that they have a very high standard, it just that they probably want you to wear what’s appropriate on the occasion. 

If you are planning to eat at a fancy restaurant or if you want to enjoy the nightlife of LA and go clubbing, it is safe to wear high-heeled shoes (in terms of dress-code). You could wear a cocktail dress or other sexy dresses for that matter. Wearing miniskirts and skinny are also common paired with blouses and other colorful tops.


If you are planning to go to the beach, you can pack shorts and cute tank tops or shirts. Swimsuits, it could be one-piece or bikinis and cover-ups like sarongs are also classic LA outfits. And again flip-flops!


You can bring hats/caps and sunglasses to protect you from the heat and scarves to protect you from the chill. It is important to bring a thin jacket or a sweater or you could dress in layers. Yes, even in midsummer. You probably won’t need it during the day but the nights could get a little chilly especially evenings near the water. Also remember to check the weather forecast before packing your clothes so you’ll save yourself from bringing thick jackets which you likely won’t wear.

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