Apr 03

Uniquely Los Angeles, Uniquely Californian

There is an idea being floated around which aims to divide California into several states. This is not a radical idea, but rather a logical one. If current trends continue, California is bound to have a larger population growth than any of the 50 other states.

At some point, the rules of representation in the Senate and Congress will mean that California will be represented by more Senators and Congressmen than any other state. It will also mean that the number of California Senators and Congressmen will increase in the coming years, whereas there would be states, which would have a decrease in the number of Senators and Congressmen.

If California were divided any time soon, one of the resulting states would be Southern California. The demarcation might not be exact, but it will be larger than what is now considered as southern California. It will be predominantly desert, and will have a large proportion of foreign-born (mostly Mexican and Asian) citizens.

It will also have a big base for education, with several important universities in the area, including CalTech. While it is true that the IT companies are in northern California, there are still a lot of think tank corporations and military research facilities in southern California.

Culturally, the case can be made for southern California’s diverse culture. With its rich Mexican heritage, and large Asian population, there is no lack of diversity. The fusion of music from these cultures is already starting to be felt.

If California were divided into two states, Los Angeles would be in the southern state. Even if divided by three, Los Angeles would most probably still end up in the state of Southern California. Culturally, Los Angeles is an important city. Those who live outside of California get jarred and shaken when they immerse themselves in the Los Angeles culture. The nearest thing to it is possibly Miami. Though Miami is too passionate, whereas Los Angeles is a chill and relaxed kind of town in comparison.

A Look at the Fashion Scene

The South California fashion sense cannot be easily described. Whereas New York, Chicago and Philadelphia might have roughly the same sense of style, California is about just being beautiful. There’s an old joke where a non-California native would receive a picture of a California girl in bikinis as a postcard, with the note at the back stating that this was the ugliest girl in the state. Any picture would probably be true.

Bright colors, name brands, fashion houses, and trends from Europe and Asia, come together into a melting pot that spews out a relaxed attitude in dresses. The fashion style is like the definition of clout, if you have it other people will know it as well. In truth, Los Angeles leads the country in terms of acceptable fashion, and not New York, not Miami, definitely not Chicago nor Boston.

Besides Hollywood, Disneyland and CalTech, one other aspect of Southern California that makes it stand apart is Comicon, which has been held in San Diego since 1970. This is the grandfather of all comic-cons, and has been a cultural event from its inception.