May 07

Safe Water

Water safety, sanitation, and preservation are now becoming more and more of an alarming concern in countries all over the world. The natural resource has long been taken for granted, people have been misusing and wasting this valuable commodity in households and industrial sites. Citizens have been irresponsible in their use of various bodies of water, disposing waste, conducting cleaning chores irresponsibly in rivers, lakes, and seas.

It is good that many local states have been formulating programs and plans to curb irresponsible water usage and promoting water conservation and sensible use. In California for instance, a Drinking Water Program exists, which is tasked with public water system regulation. The DWP also oversees all water recycling projects. Other tasks of the DWP includes permitting water treatment methods and equipment, certification of drinking water distribution and treatment, ensuring water system security, improving TMF capacity, and funding of water system improvement projects.  A more detailed discussion of these info can be found at

California Department of Public Health.

California also enforces strict regulation and inspection of public water systems and drinking water filtration and distribution. Water bottlers, vendors, distributors, and manufacturers are obligated to comply with requirements set forth by DDWEM. Drinking water suppliers actually are now required to supply regular reporting, which states where the drinking water is sourced from and whether contaminants may be found in the water. Such report is also called consumer confidence reports.

Homeowners, neighborhood folks can normally purchase water from community suppliers with less fear. If you are near water providers like Water Delivery Bay, you can purchase water supply easily and on a regular basis. Just arrange for the frequency of delivery and the amount of water you require for your home, office, school, or establishment.

If you are nowhere near drinking water suppliers, you may opt for home water treatment. Professionals may be hired for this service. However, if you feel confident about your personal know-how on water treatment, you may do it yourself.

You may also purchase water filters, a product commonly found in stores, hardware stores, home depot, etc. You simply install (or have it installed) the filtration system, connect it to your water pipes, run the water through it, and collect purified water which comes out of the spout.