Mar 18

Promoting the Culture of Hard Work and Determination in California  

Since the rise of Donald Trump to power, he has done nothing but to vilify the immigrants. He thinks that they are freeloaders who keep getting support from the government through entitlements and welfare. The truth is that immigrants are hardworking people who only want their taste of the American dream.

California is a witness to that. Being a state with one of the most number of immigrants, the people have seen just how important the immigrant community is to their lives. Those who live in California can attest that immigrants are not freeloaders. They work really hard to get their share. Some of them work hard even under unfair circumstances.

They are underpaid, but overworked. They don’t receive benefits. They are not even registered legally so they are still taxed, but they receive nothing in return. Despite these conditions, they remain in the United States, working hard for their loved ones. They also have family members who were born in the US. Hence, they have no choice but to stay.

Those who believe that Trump is right that these immigrants are a menace to the society have not seen the hard work of these people. They make judgments based on what they hear from right leaning conservative radio talks. They keep spewing hate and anger without backing those claims up.

In fact, given the difficulty of the situation of immigrants in the US, there are more immigrants who have chosen to return to their home countries instead of illegally entering the US. Studies have also shown that immigrants to the US are less likely to commit crimes than Americans born in the United States. This totally disproves the claims that the rise of violent crimes in the country is because of these immigrants.

Building everything from scratch

Immigrants understand the value of each dollar they earn. They make sure that none of their earnings are wasted. They sacrifice by working extra hours just to provide for the needs of their families. Several children of immigrants have now become successful people in the US because of what their parents have done for them.

In short, it is totally unfair to paint all immigrants with one brush and telling them to leave the country because they are drug addicts, rapists and terrorists. It is also justified that California remains as a state that protects the rights of immigrants. They have seen the impact of having immigrants in their communities and they are totally grateful of their contributions.

For instance, those who work for Sam Dunn Plumbing have ensured that Californians have well-functioning plumbing system. Huge hotels in California are successfully operating because of immigrants working as housekeeping personnel, receptionists, and maintenance staff. They have created a huge impact in the massive success of California.

In fact, California remains as one of the richest states in the US. The Trump administration has threatened California of not receiving federal funding because of how they “cuddle” illegal immigrants. The truth is that California is too big and rich that the federal government won’t survive without funds coming out of the state.