Apr 25


Pitbull_Bernnie1A lot of people have a mistaken notion about pitbulls. They believe that it is a single breed of big dogs. The truth is, the term pit bull is used to describe different breeds of dogs that have similarities in their physical characteristics.

Big dog breeds like the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, and Bull Terrier can be considered as pit bulls. Despite having major differences in their genetics, these dogs are classified as pit bulls because they all have a bully breed. They have the same head shapes, as well as bulky body types.

The ancestors of pit bulls came from England, and they were brought by the English immigrants to North America. They are the results of the cross-breeding between bulldogs and terriers. It was believed that these dogs are cared for as companions for hunting large games and as loyal companions of their masters.

The dogs were later on bred to join illegal blood sport called “baiting,” which shows dogs fighting against other large animals like bears or bulls. When this activity was banned during the early 1800s, the illegal breeders forced the dogs to fight with each other, thus the inhumane dog fighting sport was born. Fortunately, most countries today ban any forms of dog fighting, and several animal rights organizations are saving the dogs that are forced to fight by illegal syndicates.

Contrary to the bad reputation of pit bulls, these dogs are a good breed for those who want to have a loyal companion. They possess great mental and physical traits that are ideal to be paired with caring and active owners. Pit bulls are easy to please, and can respond well to training.  If you have one for a pet, check best pitbull dog food for feeding options.

Though some people believe that pit bulls are dangerous both for human and other dogs, the well-trained ones can be quite the opposite. These dogs actually have good socialization skills, and they can have normal interaction with other dogs. Pit bulls can be very loyal to their owners, and very affectionate towards people. Pit bulls are also known to be the perfect “nanny dog” because they can be reliable and protective with young children.

Pit bulls may have a bad reputation because of their past. But if people will try to get to know them better, they can actually find that they are an ideal companion in their lives.  Keep your home maintained even with an active pitbull pet, check best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors.