May 07

Safe Water

Water safety, sanitation, and preservation are now becoming more and more of an alarming concern in countries all over the world. The natural resource has long been taken for granted, people have been misusing and wasting this valuable commodity in households and industrial sites. Citizens have been irresponsible in their use of various bodies of water, disposing waste, conducting cleaning chores irresponsibly in rivers, lakes, and seas.

It is good that many local states have been formulating programs and plans to curb irresponsible water usage and promoting water conservation and sensible use. In California for instance, a Drinking Water Program exists, which is tasked with public water system regulation. The DWP also oversees all water recycling projects. Other tasks of the DWP includes permitting water treatment methods and equipment, certification of drinking water distribution and treatment, ensuring water system security, improving TMF capacity, and funding of water system improvement projects.  A more detailed discussion of these info can be found at

California Department of Public Health.

California also enforces strict regulation and inspection of public water systems and drinking water filtration and distribution. Water bottlers, vendors, distributors, and manufacturers are obligated to comply with requirements set forth by DDWEM. Drinking water suppliers actually are now required to supply regular reporting, which states where the drinking water is sourced from and whether contaminants may be found in the water. Such report is also called consumer confidence reports.

Homeowners, neighborhood folks can normally purchase water from community suppliers with less fear. If you are near water providers like Water Delivery Bay, you can purchase water supply easily and on a regular basis. Just arrange for the frequency of delivery and the amount of water you require for your home, office, school, or establishment.

If you are nowhere near drinking water suppliers, you may opt for home water treatment. Professionals may be hired for this service. However, if you feel confident about your personal know-how on water treatment, you may do it yourself.

You may also purchase water filters, a product commonly found in stores, hardware stores, home depot, etc. You simply install (or have it installed) the filtration system, connect it to your water pipes, run the water through it, and collect purified water which comes out of the spout.

Apr 27

Help for Single Moms

No woman has dreamed of being a single mom and no one deserves to be. But when the situation happens, a lot is at stake – the future of the child and hers. No one can contest the hardships of being a single mom, but it is the empowerment that people admire about them. How do they do it?

Acceptance. Accept the fact of being a single mom and face the reality. Don’t run. Accept the fact that you have to deal with whatever it is in the future of being a single parent. It is not uncommon to have a hard time, especially when the situation is just new. But as the days go by, you would learn to accept things, one at a time. During the course of acceptance, take time to think about what happened and consider it a lesson you have to learn –not a mistake you have to regret.

Take time for yourself. Thinking clearly is impossible when you are surrounded with people of different opinions about the situation. Take some time off – alone. When you are alone, think through what really went wrong. Reflect and discover what you have become – from the start to the end of the relationship. From that point of realization, gather all your thoughts and summon your strength to get back on your feet and continue where you left of.

Don’t date right away. Some people tend to jump from one failed relationship to another. They may have different reasons for doing this, but it is not advisable. Before dating again, make sure that you know what it is that you really want and where you are right now. Don’t get too spontaneous – you’ve been there. If you want to be with someone who will spend a long time with you, you must give him a chance to know you long enough and make him realize the importance of a long lasting relationship for you.

Financial stability. It is very common for a struggling single mom to have financial problems especially when a man used to support her and her child. If possible, get back to work, be financially stable, and regain your independence and self-esteem.

For more help, visit: Help for Single Mothers Land.

Apr 25

Cultural Lawn Care Practices Play an Essential Role

A beautiful home is not only attained through perfect choice of paint or stylized interior design, but also through smart lawn care. Your lawn is the first thing that people notice when it comes to your home. Keeping a clean and healthy-looking lawn is the standard in every American home. The proper cultural practices can help keep your lawn green and healthy.

  1. Improper grass cutting can cause a drop in turf quality. Moreover, improper grass cutting can use up to 20% more water; you see how mowing and irrigation are interrelated? Remember the one-third Rule: Never remove more than 1/3 of the grass at a time when mowing. You are better off to mow more frequently. Another thing to keep in mind is blades sharpness because dull blades can severely damage  the grass. (Go to Pure Mowers for quality lawn mowing choices.)
  2. A year-long diet of nitrogen can improve your turf health. Just make sure you are applying the right amounts, in the right patterns, at the right times. For cold season grasses, 3 applications in April-May, August-September and October-November are ideal times. For warm season turf, it should take place in the months of April-September.
  3. Technology is greatly affecting the way landscape irrigation is inspected and implemented. There is much more than just applying a volume of water per timeframe. Professionals must take into consideration things like soil type and water loss (evaporation), which is affected by factors such as humidity, temperature and wind speed. It’s a good idea to adopt more of a “light and frequent” approach to irrigation, which reduces the chances of over-watering and/or leaching.Proper landscape irrigation is about applying the right volume of water to the right places at the right times.

Cultivation. Improper cultivation may be a leading culprit of poor turf health. You should aerate in both spring and fall on cold season turf, and in the summer on warm-season. Applying a pre-budding herbicide after aerating can be effective. Annual dethatching can be helpful, too. Finally, topdressing is an essential step many fail to execute. Composts can really improve the soil conditions but be careful to never apply a ‘finer’ layer over a courser one.

Apr 25


Pitbull_Bernnie1A lot of people have a mistaken notion about pitbulls. They believe that it is a single breed of big dogs. The truth is, the term pit bull is used to describe different breeds of dogs that have similarities in their physical characteristics.

Big dog breeds like the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, and Bull Terrier can be considered as pit bulls. Despite having major differences in their genetics, these dogs are classified as pit bulls because they all have a bully breed. They have the same head shapes, as well as bulky body types.

The ancestors of pit bulls came from England, and they were brought by the English immigrants to North America. They are the results of the cross-breeding between bulldogs and terriers. It was believed that these dogs are cared for as companions for hunting large games and as loyal companions of their masters.

The dogs were later on bred to join illegal blood sport called “baiting,” which shows dogs fighting against other large animals like bears or bulls. When this activity was banned during the early 1800s, the illegal breeders forced the dogs to fight with each other, thus the inhumane dog fighting sport was born. Fortunately, most countries today ban any forms of dog fighting, and several animal rights organizations are saving the dogs that are forced to fight by illegal syndicates.

Contrary to the bad reputation of pit bulls, these dogs are a good breed for those who want to have a loyal companion. They possess great mental and physical traits that are ideal to be paired with caring and active owners. Pit bulls are easy to please, and can respond well to training.  If you have one for a pet, check best pitbull dog food for feeding options.

Though some people believe that pit bulls are dangerous both for human and other dogs, the well-trained ones can be quite the opposite. These dogs actually have good socialization skills, and they can have normal interaction with other dogs. Pit bulls can be very loyal to their owners, and very affectionate towards people. Pit bulls are also known to be the perfect “nanny dog” because they can be reliable and protective with young children.

Pit bulls may have a bad reputation because of their past. But if people will try to get to know them better, they can actually find that they are an ideal companion in their lives.  Keep your home maintained even with an active pitbull pet, check best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors.

Apr 25

Ice Cream Facts

Screaming for ice cream? This cold, sweet treat seems to be a favourite of just about everyone. But before you take another lick of your favourite ice cream flavor like such at iCream Guru, you might want to learn about this interesting info about your beloved chilled dessert.

Most people have no idea about how ice cream originated. However, there are several speculations about how this cold treat came about. One of the theories mentioned that the Roman Emperor Nero sent some of his slaves to fetch snow in the mountains to mix it with honey, fruit pulp, and nectar back in 54 to 68 AD.

Other stories claim that the T’ang period in China already had ice cream as a special dish for the ruling party since 618-907 A.D. The stories say that King T’ang had kept 94 men to bring ice to the palace so that they can make a dish made from flour, heated fermented milk, and camphor.

The record for the largest ice cream cone ever made was awarded to Andrea Andrighetti and Mirco Della Vecchia of Italy on January 11, 2012. The cone had the measurement of 9 ft. x 2.63 in. (2.81 m). The Italians made the ice cream cone for a Rimini Fiera festival. The components of the internal cone was made of wafer, and it was covered with a 700 kilograms of white chocolate cone then about 2000 round wafer biscuits were placed for its decoration.

Overweight but cannot resist a single scoop of ice cream? Maybe you don’t have to. There is a vegan ice-cream shop in Venice, California, that offers a $240 cleansing diet that serves five pints of raw coconut-based ice cream per day n four days straight. The ice cream cleansing diet promises to boost your metabolism while detoxifying and repairing your digestive system. So, are you willing to try this easy and yummy weight-loss program?

These countries love their ice creams. In the U.S. alone, about 1.53 billion gallons of ice cream and other frozen treats are consumed in 2011, making it on top of the list. Other countries that eat the most ice creams in the world include New Zealand, Denmark, Australia, Belgium / Luxembourg, Sweden, Canada, Norway, Ireland, and Switzerland.

Apr 22

Blake Shelton in California

BS fans in California will be very happy to know that Blake is coming for a series of concerts. He’ll be in: Wheatland and Mountain View on May 8, Chula Vista on September 6, Fresno on September 11, back to Wheatland on September 12 and Mountain View on the 13th, and in Los Angeles on October 4. For more detailed concert and ticketing info, check MusoTickets.

bsBlake has been frequenting California, honestly admitting that it’s mostly because of work not of personal intent. That’s not to be taken personally though, Blake is truly country musically and literally. He loves country life very much.

From 2010, he’s been staying in Los Angeles for about half a year to meet obligations for NBC’s reality show ‘The Voice’. Everything is all work for him in California, and other than that, he mentions that he’s a slug whenever in L.A.; it’s show, house, show, and house for him.  He doesn’t go around much. Places he only frequents outside of his LA shack is Adam’s residence and Christina’s, sometimes that of Mark Burnett’s and Michael Buble’s. He also stays off the sushi and abstains from yoga. Don’t get him wrong, he likes California and the warm people he comes across with but he is purebred Oklahoman. He jokes about the difference between Californian residents and him by saying that a deer in L.A. will get people to stand around it and take pictures but back at his home, a deer is an enemy! Home will always be with his wife, Miranda, at their ranch in Oklahoma.

Blake is quite a farmer too, he grows a garden filled with his own zucchini, squash, sweet corn, and etc. He also grows varied types of watermelons. People often gossip about the state of his marriage to Miranda but If there’s anything that could ever come between him and Miranda, it won’t be another woman nor his (or her) successful career, it might be his love of farming! He spends much time growing and nurturing stuff, weeding and tending. Miranda also has a farm near Blake’s, but she raises cattle, chickens, and other animals.

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