Apr 04

Katy Perry Buys Electric Cars in Support of Greener Environment

Katy Perry is getting some good media coverage. Word got out on her generosity as a boss. It was reported (Daily Star) that she recently spent more than half of a million dollars in brand new car purchases, all for her five assistants who are tasked with daily errands and management of her schedule. Of course, that may mean more running errands for all her assistants after this. Definitely though, she deserves a shot at getting a “Boss of the Year” award!

kppIf reports are accurate, five units of Fisker Karmas, each costing more than a thousand US Dollars, were ordered by the twenty-nine year old music superstar.  The purchased units are all eco-friendly, fully electric and top model luxury cars.  The four-door sedans are said to reduce carbon imprints. A friend revealed that Perry hates air pollution in Los Angeles, we can just intelligently guess that she wouldn’t want any of her purchases to further contribute to the worsening environment of California.

Others say the generous offer may have very little impact on her finances, with all the money coming in. While that may be true, a gesture is a gesture and she is to be commended for that. The successful singer is currently busy with performance engagements.  Check www.katyperryzone.com/concert-tickets-tour-dates/ and see how immersed in work Katy Perry is and why not treat yourself to one of her concert tour dates.

The singer who also launched her own fragrance line is reaping success with the 3 scents she came out with: Purr, Meow, and the 2013 release, Killer Queen. Purr was released in 2010 with a price ranging from $35-$65 per bottle, each depending on the size. It is packaged in a purple cat-shaped bottle. Reviewers describe the scent as fresh and citrusy. Traces of jasmine, rose, amber, orchid, musk, and sandalwood can be observed. The packaging was inspired by Perry’s Catwoman costume worn in one of her stage performances.

Meow is reportedly more sweet than the previous issue. It has scents of musk, amber, honeysuckle, and vanilla. The packaging is also shaped like a cat. The Killer Queen packaging is shaped like a red ruby. Katy said inspiration was drawn from Freddie Mercury. The scent is unisex. Check  http://www.katyperryzone.com/perfume/ for more information.