Apr 27

Help for Single Moms

No woman has dreamed of being a single mom and no one deserves to be. But when the situation happens, a lot is at stake – the future of the child and hers. No one can contest the hardships of being a single mom, but it is the empowerment that people admire about them. How do they do it?

Acceptance. Accept the fact of being a single mom and face the reality. Don’t run. Accept the fact that you have to deal with whatever it is in the future of being a single parent. It is not uncommon to have a hard time, especially when the situation is just new. But as the days go by, you would learn to accept things, one at a time. During the course of acceptance, take time to think about what happened and consider it a lesson you have to learn –not a mistake you have to regret.

Take time for yourself. Thinking clearly is impossible when you are surrounded with people of different opinions about the situation. Take some time off – alone. When you are alone, think through what really went wrong. Reflect and discover what you have become – from the start to the end of the relationship. From that point of realization, gather all your thoughts and summon your strength to get back on your feet and continue where you left of.

Don’t date right away. Some people tend to jump from one failed relationship to another. They may have different reasons for doing this, but it is not advisable. Before dating again, make sure that you know what it is that you really want and where you are right now. Don’t get too spontaneous – you’ve been there. If you want to be with someone who will spend a long time with you, you must give him a chance to know you long enough and make him realize the importance of a long lasting relationship for you.

Financial stability. It is very common for a struggling single mom to have financial problems especially when a man used to support her and her child. If possible, get back to work, be financially stable, and regain your independence and self-esteem.

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