Mar 17

From A Different Perspective

It is difficult to capture the culture of one city or any other place for that matter in just one article. The way of life of the people living in one place is just too varied that it is hard to lump it to one, short writing. Also, if we do make it brief, we might end up stereotyping the place. For instance, when we think of Southern California, the things that immediately comes to mind is of Hollywood, the stars, glamour and parties or in one hand, we think of beaches with its sun-kissed bikini girls and beach-dwelling surfers. We think of Southern California as a place for stars-seeing, sun-bathing and partying till dawn. Well, Southern California offers that of course, but there is also more to it than that.

First, not all of Southern California is glamorous. Like any other cities, there are also dirty neighbourhoods in the city, walls with a lot of graffiti, homeless people. There is also a high rate of unemployment and the rampant use of medical marijuana. Like any other cities, gangs are also common in LA but they mostly keep to themselves. Another problem is the heavy traffic, especially in LA, which is really very stressful. Most of the people own cars because public transportation is not as effective as in other cities. However, if you are up to the challenge, you will discover that Southern California is a place you’ll love and a place to settle down.

In SoCal, there are a lot of transplants. People from different parts of the world move to Southern California especially in LA therefore, heightening the still growing diversity of people in the county.  Being ethnically diverse makes Southern California culinary diverse too. What’s good about SoCal is that you can have authentic food and it ranges from European cuisines (e.g. Italian and French) to Asian cuisines (e.g. Filipino, Vietnamese, and Chinese). SoCal is also known for its Mexican food. You can actually have a veritable food fest if that’s what you are looking for.

Being ethnically diverse helps the people of SoCal to be more open-minded and more accepting of the different cultures of the world. They tend to have a higher acceptance in the diversity of people and of the different way of living. This phenomenon actually promotes multi-culturalism and equality among the people. It also enables the locals to learn lots of things from transplants and vice versa. This also allows people from all over the world to wear whatever clothes they like in SoCal. They get to wear whatever their religion requires them to wear and to have a little piece of home because they do not have to change their clothes entirely just to fit in. This is all because the people of SoCal are used to it by now and they do not just care just as long as it is not affecting them. So that is another tip: You should mind your own business because the locals will do the same.

For those who don’t know this already, SoCal is also known for its love of new things and innovations. In fact, some of the most important things that we use today were invented in SoCal like the personal computers and iPods (designed by Apple Computers). SoCal is also the land of new beginnings, second chances and dream-chasings. People come here because they want to change their lives for the better.

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