Apr 12

Foot Care

Almost everyone will go through a form of foot problem in his or her lifetime, this is probably because the feet endure the entire body weight. Your foot is probably one of most used and abused part of the body every day, that is why it is not surprising that having foot problems has always been a common experience nowadays.

Some of the most usual foot problems include bacterial and Fungal infections like athlete’s foot, itching and burning feet due to dry skin, calluses and corns due to pressure and friction from ill-fitting footwear, warts due to viruses, bunions from shoes worn that are too tight, ingrown toenails caused by improper nail trimming, hammertoe due to the limited toe movement, spurs from calcium growths that are formed in the foot bones, and others. Fortunately, these foot ailments can be treated with proper medications. However, there are foot problems that cannot be corrected with just about any type of medicines or surgical procedures.

An example of this is flat footedness. About 20% to 30% of the world’s population has this kind of foot condition. Flat footedness is a type of postural deformity, the foot arch, or instep, is not raised on the ground compared to regularly arched feet. Having flat feet does not always cause problems, but most people who experience problems often complain due to a constant muscle strain that is born out of poor posture. People who are born with flat feet may feel pain in the arches of their feet, the calf, in the inside of the ankle, on the outer side of the feet, and on other parts of the lower extremities like the lower back, hip, or knees.

Running may be a challenge for flatfooted individuals. They may have a tendency to overpronate in their running form, thus the impact will not spread evenly all over the foot and the ankle. This can be prevented if they use running shoes that are specifically designed to improve the feet’s pronation. Sites like Kewl Runners give options for proper wear. The feet should be given proper attention to avoid chronic problems in the long run.