May 21

Bruno Mars in the Philippines

bruno-mars1Filipinos in California may be envious of Bruno Mars; he was just in the Philippines the past week, enjoying the warm affection of Filipino fans. Bruno Mars who is half-Filipino, included the Philippines in his list of countries to visit for his ‘Moonshine Jungle’ tour. Other Asian countries are also scheduled before the Honolulu concert dates; check MusoTickets for a more complete listing.

It was a great weekend for many Filos who were at Mall of Asia that weekend. The International Pyromusical Competition was held there and March 22, 2014 was the culminating day. What a great treat it was for those who arranged to end the night with Bruno Mars in concert. Attendees described the event as absolutely explosive!

As expected, Bruno Mars’ second visit to the country was well received. People bought tickets in advance, causing a sell-out weeks ahead. The venue was packed with people; it was standing room only. Traffic around the mall vicinity was heavy. It was hard to get around and find parking spots. Surely, people were glad that Bruno went onstage an hour and forty-five minutes after opening time. What a relief!

His first song was ‘Moonshine’ (from Unorthodox Jukebox). The people were quickly on their feet dancing and humming along to the music. If ever they minded the delayed appearance of their idol, it didn’t show. Everyone was into the music.

Bruno dressed himself in a loose, unbuttoned shirt, pants, vest, and the trademark fedora. He performed with his backing band, The Hooligans. The performance was really ‘high-energy’. That Bruno can sing and dance is known all over, but it’s hard not to really appreciate how skilled he is in keeping up the energy all throughout the show, showcasing excellent vocals and performance skills. Fans delightedly got to see him using different instruments again, reminding watchers of his status as an all-around, well-rounded musical artist.

Bruno Mars spent the night talking about the Filipino part of him. He even mentions knowing that Filipinos are known as singers, and are fond of karaoke singing. All through the night, he let off every bit of charm he has; that could also be part of his Filipino heritage; Filipinos are known to be charmers, very hospitable and accommodating.

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