Apr 22

Blake Shelton in California

BS fans in California will be very happy to know that Blake is coming for a series of concerts. He’ll be in: Wheatland and Mountain View on May 8, Chula Vista on September 6, Fresno on September 11, back to Wheatland on September 12 and Mountain View on the 13th, and in Los Angeles on October 4. For more detailed concert and ticketing info, check MusoTickets.

bsBlake has been frequenting California, honestly admitting that it’s mostly because of work not of personal intent. That’s not to be taken personally though, Blake is truly country musically and literally. He loves country life very much.

From 2010, he’s been staying in Los Angeles for about half a year to meet obligations for NBC’s reality show ‘The Voice’. Everything is all work for him in California, and other than that, he mentions that he’s a slug whenever in L.A.; it’s show, house, show, and house for him.  He doesn’t go around much. Places he only frequents outside of his LA shack is Adam’s residence and Christina’s, sometimes that of Mark Burnett’s and Michael Buble’s. He also stays off the sushi and abstains from yoga. Don’t get him wrong, he likes California and the warm people he comes across with but he is purebred Oklahoman. He jokes about the difference between Californian residents and him by saying that a deer in L.A. will get people to stand around it and take pictures but back at his home, a deer is an enemy! Home will always be with his wife, Miranda, at their ranch in Oklahoma.

Blake is quite a farmer too, he grows a garden filled with his own zucchini, squash, sweet corn, and etc. He also grows varied types of watermelons. People often gossip about the state of his marriage to Miranda but If there’s anything that could ever come between him and Miranda, it won’t be another woman nor his (or her) successful career, it might be his love of farming! He spends much time growing and nurturing stuff, weeding and tending. Miranda also has a farm near Blake’s, but she raises cattle, chickens, and other animals.